About the team

The team consists of three groups: the project management group which is doing the day-to-day work, an advisory group providing expertise as and when needed, and volunteer street representatives. The team is chaired by Tom Dufty and is overseen by Ditchling and Westmeston Parish Councils and Streat Parish Meeting.

Project management group members are:

Mike Burr(Ditchling), Sallie Collard-Watson(Ditchling), Tom Dufty(Ditchling), Richard Flack(Ditchling), Tony Gedge(Streat), Trevor Kirby(Ditchling), Craig Mayhew(Ditchling), Edwina Rowling(Ditchling). Plus Amy Tyler-Jones from the South Downs National Park Authority

Advisory team members are:

Brian Clutterbuck(Ditchling), Clare Farrands(Westmeston), Tom Jones(Ditchling), Don McBeth(Ditchling), Rob Mills(Westmeston), Phillip Smith(Ditchling).

Memberís Register of interests

Street representatives:

Your street representatives have volunteered to help keep you informed and feed back your comments as the neighbourhood plan progresses. Find out who your street representative is here. Some areas do not yet have a street representative volunteer. If you can help, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

A note from the chair

When Ditchling and Westmeston parish councils and Streat Parish Meeting decided to have a neighbourhood plan the councillors also decided that it would be appropriate for residents of the communities to take the lead in developing it.

I was one of the volunteers who now form the project management group. The group comprises a diverse cross-section of residents. By chance and very good fortune we have among us people with a range of relevant skills and experience to add to the local knowledge that all members bring. For example, we have a former planning officer, an environmental scientist, two communication specialists and a tour company director. We have also co-opted onto our group the South Downs National Park Authority's adviser on neighbourhood plans.

The project group is supported by an advisory team of current and former councillors from all three parishes who we can call on for their extensive local experience and knowledge.

Out in the parishes are residents who have agreed to take on the important role of 'street representatives'. They will act as an informal communication link between the residents in their streets and the project management group, passing on to us opinions they hear expressed and helping us explain what we are doing.

Tom Dufty, Chair

Email - beaconvillages@aol.com

Compiled August 2014